Singapore is an island city-state with an extensive cultural and linguistic heritage and tradition and a thriving, flourishing new and innovative economy. It is a hub of global merchandise and trade, with one of the world’s most business-friendly economies. With constrained natural resources, the success and accomplishments of Singapore is based on its population’s entrepreneurial capabilities and strike to succeed.
In 2005, Singapore was host to over 70,000 international students. The composition of Asian schooling and Western-style tactics has made Singapore an educational hub in Asia.
Located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore has invariably had a powerful connection to the sea.
Singaporeans reflect and reveal an ethnically unique yet unified nation. There are four official languages in Singapore: Malay, Mandarin, Tamil and English. Owing to the diversity of the country’s inhabitants, English is the foremost working language of the country, and is used in government, business and law.
Singapore has a multitude of levels of higher education: institutes of technical education, polytechnics, universities and private institutions.


Singapore is an acronym as a top ranked education core with its top notch universities offering and featuring international students quality education at an easily affordable cost.
Singapore offers students an exclusive learning experience as they obtain an appropriate blend of social, cultural and educational mix. In addition the country offers the refinement of modern living making Singapore truly colourful and attractive and cosmopolitan.
Singapore is upcoming as a trendy and probably the greatest getaway to study among the international students. Singapore draws attentions to on all these specifics and attributes and provides a very constructive and competitive education primarily in the field of expertise technology and managements with good value for money by featuring internationally regarded and renowned degrees at budget friendly costs.
Singapore famous for its vibrancy and copious tourist vacation spots has a good amount of the finest universities of the world. For higher education, sheer number of intercontinental students comes to Singapore to recruit themselves in the colleges and universities of Singapore. There are public and government aided universities in Singapore.
The strength and backbone of Singapore’s Education system belongs in its bilingual policy (English with Malay/Mandarin/Tamil) and a broad-based criteria where innovation, uniqueness and entrepreneurship manipulate a premium. Individuals to get hold of the pertinent skills, competencies and abilities to continue living in competitive atmospheres, outfitted for a luminous bright future.


    Core for Educational Excellence

As time passes, Singapore has advanced from its conventional British-based education program and method to one that ventures to meet the desires of individuals and strives to nurture talents, abilities and competencies.

    Secure…Strong…Stationary Economy

Singapore has been evaluated 3rd among 145 countries in terms of convenience of doing business in World Bank’s.

    A Multi-Cultural Nation…A Unique COUNTRY

The Nation’s rich and prosperous multi-cultural heritage is pointed out through the various authentic cultural groups (Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians) living together. Singapore’s high standards of living also something that student can be assured of.
Singapore is the place where East complies with west. We are the gathering point of the world and studying, researching and learning in Singapore pitches you right at the heart of a distinctive learning experience where there is a blend and amalgam of social, cultural and educational choices unlike anywhere else in the world.
Singapore is undoubtedly an eye-catching cosmopolitan country ->with its folks, daily life, economic conditions, financial situation, visitors attractions, points of interest, arts and sports activities.

    Infra-structure and Convenience

Singapore is well connected via sea, air and telecommunications to all parts of the world. Singapore is also one of the vital internet enabled country in Asia.

    An Eye-catching…A Vivid City Lifestyle/Vibrant Lifestyle

Singapore is advantageously located at the midsection of Asia and can be a hub to discover and research the Southeast Asian region.Irrespective of whether it’s shopping, cuisine, eating, out for some fun, entertainment, Singapore is a literal hive of activity.The array of focused events prearranged throughout the year will mesmerise you with -> musical and cultural, business and amusement, recreation, sporting and relaxing ones.
Making your way around in Singapore is straightforward and not difficult with an incorporated method of travel system, makes exploring and journeying in the city, suburbs a trouble-free, easy and also budget friendly affair.

    All Ethnic backgrounds, One Monarchy

Singapore is a multi-racial and a multi-religious nation. This rare and remarkable synergistic mixture of authentic cultural groups delivers international students an enormous tier of choices for fun and residing in Singapore.

    Education System

Our education system has advanced, grown and altered gradually throughout the years. The strength and sturdiness of the Singapore education system exists in its bilingual coverage and its broad-based requirements affords visualization, creative imagination and entrepreneurship premium emphasis and accent to meet the needs of the national economy.